Experts say that such a diet does not bring quick results, but, as you know - keep it coming. And one more rule: if you do not resist and eat something fatty, it is immediately necessary to compensate for pieces of grapefruit or pineapple. Breakfast in the American diet designed for a week, should not differ a special variety: a Cup of lightly sweetened coffee, preferably with milk, egg, soft-boiled, toast and 2 apples.

Lunch during the week includes the following dishes: one fried fish and celery with lemon juice; fried breaded calf's liver, two potatoes in their skins and steamed spinach; a portion of lean grilled meat, salad with lemon juice, a glass of tomato juice and a choice of orange, grapefruit or large Apple; portion of fried or boiled chicken, salad from cabbage with lemon juice and toast; lightly fried carrots, a piece of boiled meat and two potatoes in their jackets; a serving of boiled fish, green salad with lemon juice and toast; a serving of boiled chicken, 100 grams of boiled rice, green salad with lemon juice and Apple. To drink in the dining time you need tea, weak coffee without sugar and one Cup of non-fat milk.

In the evening time allowed boiled meat with egg yolk and onions, toast, glass of milk and an Apple; a salad of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil, toast, soft-boiled egg, a slice of lean ham and a Cup of yogurt; 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes, toast, yoghurt and an Apple or pear; cottage cheese with green onion and raw egg yolk, 6 radishes, a toast, a glass of milk and an Apple; fried eggs of 2 eggs with fresh vegetables, salad of tomatoes and green onions with lemon juice, Apple; boiled beef with horseradish, salad with lemon juice, low fat milk and an Apple; yogurt, 2 burgers, toast and an Apple.