Many people wonder where to get the best results in losing weight: in training with Gillian or training with Sean? A definite answer to this question is no. Moreover, to compare and to put these coaches on the same level is impossible. Exercise though have the same goal – losing weight, yet they are very different.

Workout Shaun can be compared to crossfit, during training there is no second of rest, all done at a frantic pace. Workout Jillian can be called more feminine, their pace is not as fast, is a study of specific areas: hips, buttocks, abdomen, legs, arms.

Workout Jillian is more suitable for beginners. Although Jillian is very serious and hard programme, which handle only trained people. There are also two levels of training: beginner and advanced.

Training with Sean, particularly Insanity (Insanity), can handle people who are already familiar with the sport. Without even the slightest training in this workout is easy to have a heart attack. This is not a joke. A frantic pace and will be dangerous for an inexperienced person. Therefore, training with Sean is better to recommend to those who has excellent physical health and are already familiar with loads.

It is unacceptable to compare two different set of workouts. And Jill and Shawn developed their programs, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. Is not the matter of exertion, of endurance, dynamics and speed. If you take out a furious pace, training with Sean is more relevant for you. If you prefer a more quiet but no less effective rate, then welcome to Gillian's. By the way, she has a very large number of different programs designed for different levels and different groups of muscles.

And Shaun T, and Jillian Michaels are excellent fitness coaches, in whose competence there is no doubt. These people have a different approach to exercise and various weight loss methods. The choice is always there, but before class you need to pace themselves and to choose the most comfortable pace for themselves, especially those who are just starting to get acquainted with home fitness.