They pay no attention to the tears of the little man, and even starts to abuse the child. This can lead to very sad consequences, passing by a small grief, a father and mother losing the baby away. Sometimes the opposite situation, when overprotective parents utterly spoil their offspring and make him a capricious monster.

What to do when the baby cries? Often the tears baby it's a cry for help, a distress signal. Baby can not yet clear for others to Express their emotions. So the little man asks to be helped to cope with a difficult situation, tells the world about their problems and suffering. It is first necessary to establish the cause of tears baby. There may be several.

1. Mountain. A small child is not yet able to think logically, and present, past and future for him there. The kid lives here and now. If something bad happens, the baby thinks it always will be. He isn't able to analyze past events and does not know what the situation may change. The kid still does not understand what hope is and any negative emotions he feels stronger. Even a slight adult situations, like broken toys, perceived by the child as tremendous grief that will never end. In this situation, you need to calm down and do something to distract the kid, to improve the situation, to despair of the child relented. As soon as the discomfort will disappear, the kid will forget about his experience and then start to smile.

2. Disease. When a child is ill, tears he may report about his discomfort. If in this case, to ignore a child crying, you can start the disease that will lead to catastrophic consequences for the baby's health. If crying does not subside, and this like no reason, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor. A sick child is better not to keep one. You need to try gently to explain to the young person that the pain will disappear after a while, you just need a little patience. You can read him a book, tell us something, or play your favorite game to distract the child and make him feel better, then the disease will go away faster.

3. Whims. Often the baby starts to cry when not getting what she wants. If the child is seriously bent something immediately to usually no arguments and requests to wait on him do not apply. Usually it ends with abundant tears, tantrums and screaming. Often in this case the kid's not faking, he just openly expresses his feelings and desires. Parents in such situations you should control myself and not to abuse the child, and try to shift his attention to something interesting. Indulge all requests is not necessary, it is impossible and can lead to emotional promiscuity. Talk to the kid, then he will understand that the world is a lot of interesting and not worth wasting time on tears.