What is the whims

Not too correct to say that the baby is naughty. Whim, according to the dictionary Ushakov, is a whim, unmotivated desire. Then as the baby cries only if he is uncomfortable and he needs something. What needs the baby's crying – you need to determine his mother. Actually, the reasons for crying babies not so much. Not all of them are really easy to handle.

Desire of comfort

Causes of crying infant may be several. Among them the most simple and frequent – it's a wet diaper. Intuitively, the kid wants to be in a warm and dry. As soon as he will feel that he is uncomfortable, he will call mom. Especially if this feeling prevents him from sleeping. The only way to get your mom to baby – cry. Therefore, the first action moms to calm a newborn – diaper change.


If the baby is hungry, he will definitely inform his mother cry. In the first month of his life, the child often wakes up from hunger. In fact, in order to eat, he wakes up. After urination, for example, occurs during sleep. So after changing his diaper babies need to feed.


Pain is also a feeling of discomfort that the child needs help to cope. The cause of the pain can be different. It can be intestinal colic or cutting teeth. If your child changed diaper, fed him, and he will not stop crying and can't sleep, then most likely, the cause of the pain. If the age of the baby 1-3 months, it is more likely pain associated with colic. In this case, you should apply a warm cloth or heating pad on the abdomen of the infant, to massage the abdomen clockwise and give medicines away from children's colic.

Crying from the tooth pain is more likely in the age of the baby older than 5 months. In this case, the help of painkillers.
Self sucking breast to the infant gradually becomes something more than just a way to remove the hunger. It is also a way of natural pain relief. Therefore, a little grown kid can ask for the breast, not only from hunger, but also to calm down and reduce pain, including tooth.

The desire of communication

The desire body contact and touching is not just a fad baby, and its vital necessity. So the baby can be fed, dry, it hurts nothing, but he continues to cry. This is because he wants attention and communication. In this question it is necessary to find "Golden mean". For toddler ideally located on the arms of my mother around the clock. But it is quite clear that this is impossible. Therefore, the mother must find a balance to and the kid had the opportunity to be in her arms, and she could do the necessary things. As the bias constant hipersaiti about the baby (mom throws everything and always immediately runs to the child at the slightest cry) and ignoring the baby's needs in communication leads to the formation of a petulant child.

In any case, you must first eliminate the simplest possible causes of crying and whims of the baby – a wet diaper and hunger. If the presumed cause of the pain, then we should not expect the immediate impact of the measures taken for its weakening. To reduce it can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes you just need time and care beloved mother to the baby calmed down.