The water Park is a place that loves every child. In fact, that loves kids, water and slides. Parents will need to collect the company of children and be sure to instruct them about safety. As a rule, water parks, the animators, which will help to give you water competitions. Headache on account of cooking food is no longer, as in the water Park you can always eat in the cafe.

The child's birthday in the summer – is, first of all, good weather that will allow you to organize a holiday in the fresh air. Can all together go to the country, recreation or just to the forest edge. The main thing – to think of the story of the holiday. Maybe you play a whole scene with other children in honor of the birthday. You can consider a number of quests. For example, initially gather all the crowd home and read the message, which came from the name of the king. The message may say that his only daughter is in the thrall of the evil Baba Yaga or the dragon. The children must save her. Then the whole crowd go to a scheduled place and conduct competitions that will help to liberate his beloved daughter of the king.

The birthday child 10 years can pass in a bowling alley. By choosing this option, parents free themselves from puzzles with holiday table and fun contests. That children do not get bored at the bowling alley, make sure in advance about the animator.

The child's birthday 5 years can be arranged in the kids club under the supervision of the animator and educator. The kids will ride with slides, swim in the pool of balls and jump on the trampoline. After the kids club, you can go the whole crowd is birthday cake.

Dear parents, do not feel sorry time and forces for the organization of children's holiday. Remember that the most pleasant memories are memories of childhood.