Adults often celebrate their birthdays at cafes or restaurants. But for a kid it's not the best option because the little man wants to run and play with friends. Better to spend the holiday at the children's center with arcade games for the kids, pools with balls, slides and animators who are able to hold a costume party for the little birthday boy and his pals.

You can suggest a topic that is close to your child. For example, boys are dressed as pirates, look for treasure, girls to try yourself in the role of the kidnapped princesses, and all can enjoy the school of magic or turn into animals. And after the children are done, the celebrant and his retinue can take to a cafe where everyone will pick up a glass of juice for the health of the birthday.
Spend the summer children's birthday party outdoors. To invite to such an event better not only our little guests and their parents. Adults will help you to look after rambunctious kids and will keep you company. Prepare salads. Bring the vegetables that will be in place to slice and put on plates. The kids will love it, if you allow them to bake potatoes in the ashes or trust to turn the skewers.
The idea to go to the amusement Park on your birthday will probably accept with enthusiasm. Roller coaster, Ferris wheel, cars that can be controlled – the child will be, than itself to occupy. And in the end you can treat the celebrant is unhealthy, but so delicious sparkling water and cotton candy.
Teenagers are not so interesting to walk with adults to nature or to the Park. Want to make a child's birthday interesting – go play paintball. Together with the birthday make a list of guests and divide them into two teams. Run through obstacles and shoot each other with paint will appeal to children and adults the participants of this event.