The types of role-playing games

Role-playing in bed can not be classified very strictly. They differ in who plays a major role. And can be hard, held strictly according to the scenario, or soft, allowing you to improvise. There are sexy games that require costumes, and there are those that you can create easily from scrap materials. There are stories with elements of violence or seduction, there are those that involve coercion, and there is a very light and gentle.

The choice of subject role playing is best done together, while discussing the intricacies of the upcoming. Both partner should be comfortable and fun. It is important to discuss boundaries that can not be broken, and to select the stop words to be able at any time to interrupt the job, if someone will be uncomfortable.

Popular scenarios of role-playing games for adults

Most people play:

  • the nurse and the patient;
  • in seducing high school girls;
  • in master or slave;
  • the plumber and the owner of the apartment.

Interesting option with the call of a lover or mistress, the role prostitutes play convincingly and in very different ways. You can even wear a wig to completely change the appearance. It is important not to forget about the payment, about bidding for it.

The actual scenario in which the Sheikh for the first time wins the heart of a concubine. However, it can be smitten, but can resist.

Unusual stories role-playing games

To get new experiences in bed, play in animals. Mating hippos or giraffes can be represented in very different ways. It is important to show courtship to prove his feelings. You can choose the role of ostrich or of Panthers, which will also give the opportunity to dream.

The actual scenario about the vampire and the victim. There is an opportunity to show the fright and delight and even smeared with ketchup, which will symbolize the blood. It is only important to advance and get the special canines that are easy to buy in souvenir shops.

The seduction of a nun can be a great story to role play. There are already have to show imagination, to tempt her into intimacy. Modesty and depravity are very interesting to play that gives an unforgettable experience.

Aliens or just aliens can be a unique prototype of the game. It is important to understand language and explain to each other gestures. And the more unusual attempts to show something that will roleplay.