If you want to fix it yourself, go to microphone settings and check the box next to “suppress echo”. In the case where this configuration is not, reduce the volume and microphone sensitivity. It is also a good way to get rid of the echo in microphone and speakers.
If this method fails to remove the echo, you will have to disassemble the MIC to get to the cause of the problem. Take a screwdriver, pliers and, if needed, different values of the keys. True will remove the soft part with a pair of pliers. Next, take the screwdriver and go with it until the sensing element, which is responsible for conversion of voice to electronic pulse. Clean all contacts and check their integrity. If you found the problem, take the soldering iron and restore with it the health of all the contacts in the microphone. The carried out actions will allow to remove the echo from the microphone.
Professional microphone setup - a rather difficult task. After all, you need to take into account different tones to different sound level of the microphone sounded clean, free of noise and squeaks. Entrust this procedure to the experienced professionals who will perform all the necessary work at the highest level. They have the most modern equipment that will allow you to fix the problem in the shortest possible time. Today, there are many workshops where repair and maintenance of various electronic equipment. Take back your faulty microphone, and professionals solve the problem very quickly. Besides the cost of such services available to the wider population of our country.
Carefully use your microphone and other sensitive audio equipment. In this way you will be able to significantly extend its working capital and without additional maintenance. Do not panic, if a microphone is suddenly broke down, read the manual and try to understand the problem yourself. If you resolve the issue failed, seek advice to their friends or relatives.