There are many types of Wallpapers with different textures and colors. It is necessary to choose carefully the material from which made the Wallpaper, and coloring for the bedroom.

Suitable colors for the bedroom

Designers recommend to make the wall in the bedroom Wallpaper light and natural tones to create a cozy atmosphere. But it is necessary to consider both their own preferences and individual characteristics of the premises.

Start off by choosing Wallpapers with the determination of the area of your bedroom and light levels. For a small bedroom it is always necessary to choose a bright Wallpaper, but there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if the Windows face South, too light color Wallpaper does not add to the coziness of the room. White walls in the bedroom will cut the eye with their sterility. Especially if you buy the shining Wallpaper cool shade. If you have still got to create the effect of hospital walls, it is possible to fix it skillful arrangement of furniture, lamps and accessories.

If the room is large, but not lit, then choose Wallpaper light shades of beige, Golden, yellow, pale blue.

Even when choosing the Wallpaper focus on your own habits and sense of color. It is worth noting that people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep better in a room with dark blue walls. And for those who are not accustomed long lying in bed that is required on the walls of the bright spots.

A good solution is to combine the Wallpaper in the bedroom. You can select the working area more vivid colors, and soft colors to decorate the walls where there is a bed.


It is important when choosing Wallpaper for bedroom material.

1. The wall-paper had long since lost its popularity. They are cheap, but they are not able to emphasize the dignity of the room. Paper Wallpaper is not long serve.

2. Very popular vinyl Wallpaper. Well, they look great with screen printing. That's just the durability they have little, have very carefully to go with the walls.

3. Non-woven Wallpaper is good at hiding the flaws of the walls, they are practical - can be hung for about seven years without losing its appearance. A non-woven paintable Wallpaper give a great space fantasy.

4. In the bedroom look beautiful fiberglass. They are easy to paint and repaint in any color!

5. Wallpaper made of bamboo, cane or jute is a very eco-friendly. The basis of their usual paper, but the top is made from natural materials. They are made in a neutral color, so for the bedrooms, they are very good, because it is the place where relax and rest.

6. Textile Wallpaper will add a room comfort. That they served longer, they should be treated. In addition, they have good thermal and sound insulating properties.


If you decide to choose for the bedroom Wallpaper background, follow a few recommendations:

  • For small spaces choose a Wallpaper with a rare and small figure.
  • For a large bedroom will fit frequent and large images.
  • Too bright drawings should not be, otherwise they will distract from the main thing - from a dream.

You can paste a spacious room colored Wallpaper, and on one of the walls to hang photo panels as an accent. Murals may depict a favorite place, animals, flowers, symbol of the beloved city - in General, all that you want!