Use a soft brown and beige tones to create a delicate natural style. These colors will help to maintain a good mood no matter what time of the year is behind the window. To create a Sunny mood, you can combine several shades of yellow and add a little brown due to the furniture. These shades are best used for bedrooms, which are oriented to the North.
Choose bright crisp colors, if in the morning you often have to get up early, but do not want to do that. Pink and orange give this room warmth and vigor. It is best to use these shades to those who by nature are combined romance and temperament.
Will focus on muted and soft shades of pink, if you want to create in the bedroom only a romantic nature. The pink color helps reduce internal and external aggression. To create such a character, you can make room in the Provence style. This bedroom will look elegant and graceful.
Choose paint in shades of green to create the ground for a good mood both morning and evening. Also green tones are combined with bright "mint" will help to create a relaxed atmosphere for guests. By itself, green is characterized by restraint, calmness and stillness.
Pick up the blue and gray colors to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. The color blue promotes calm and relaxation, and gray – helps relieve stress and any worry. Skillfully combining these two colors, you can achieve very good results.
Desiring to establish mutual understanding and trust in the family, for the bedroom you should choose white color. But it must be combined with fresh flowers. The white color is characterized by completeness and perfection, is considered the end point of brightness. It encourages dedication, unity, ease and openness.
Stop your choice on the purple shades if you wish to give the bedroom a kind of spirituality. It is purple in color has the effect of "veiled arousal".