In the design of the bedroom no details, from, how well will offer space, depends on the quality of human sleep. Like any other area of the house, the bedroom should be beautiful, the color of the Wallpaper not only affects the mood of the tenants of the apartment, but the choice of home textiles, interior decorations. Choosing the right color of the Wallpaper, can also visually expand a bedroom, enlarge or hide the shortcomings of planning, uneven walls.

Wallpaper for bedroom

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the bedroom should prevail bright colors, which will give a positive mood, create warmth. This cheerful shades, but not too bright, distracting. For bedroom best suited cream-colored, gentle yellow or green. They will help a person to recover, to forget about the cares and tune in to sleep.
For the bedroom is not recommended to choose pure white color, it will make the room similar to a hospital room.

For healthy sleep, you can choose the Wallpaper in muted colors and ornament patterns. For example, with a floral print or a flying butterfly. Able to lull ivory, beige. In addition, these shades visually make the room more spacious.

In the bedroom you can combine Wallpaper of different colors, the most vivid shade or print, a mural in the headboard of the bed to falling asleep, the owner of the property was not distracted before going to sleep.

Unusual solution for the bedroom

If the bedroom is a low ceiling with Wallpaper of the desired shade, you can visually pull up the room. To do this, the Wallpaper seemed to flow from the walls to the ceiling, achieving the desired effect.

Well relax all the shades of blue in the bedroom, they help to slightly darken the room, so in that dim light easier to fall asleep. Natural shades – green, wood – relieve tension, and brown create a cozy atmosphere.

For female bedroom, you can use muted pink color or purple, you should not experiment with red, orange, bright purple. They act on the nervous system stimulant.
Always a winner in the bedroom look Golden, emerald, silver, and other complex nuances.

For decoration in vintage style, choose a strip of Wallpaper, it is better suitable option of strips of related shades, but not too contrasting. Original look Wallpaper textured type, in this case, they should be neutral so as not to overload the interior.