A definite answer to the question of what the Wallpaper for the bedroom should not exist. The choice of coating for walls depends on the preferences of the owners and from the General style of the room. Of course, you should not purchase the Wallpaper, the quality and safety of which you are not sure. If you have any doubts when choosing a product, ask the seller the hygienic certificate for the products.
When choosing Wallpaper, you should start from the General style of the interior. For example, in the bedroom, designed in a classic style, suitable bright Wallpaper, cream or beige. Also will look good shades of coffee with milk, or milk colors. If the Wallpaper has a monotonous color, then they can pick up a contrasting Wallpaper pattern. For example, you can opt for a chocolate background with floral pattern or may be embossed pattern fancy elegant print. Don't be afraid to experiment, use a neutral color and dilute its graceful floral ornaments.
If you are planning to decorate your bedroom in ethnic style, choose a Wallpaper with natural colors. This does not necessarily seek to cover the walls with African motifs or stylized Yakut embroidery. Wallpaper can be quite monotonous. Will look good the color of natural wood, stone or moss. As for the figure, it is for the country style you can choose the imitation show reptile or animal skins.
The bedroom in country style can be purchased the Wallpaper from environmentally friendly, natural materials: fabric, wood or cork. Or stop your choice on the coatings that mimic these materials. Naturally, the color of Wallpaper should be as close to natural.
If you decide to make your bedroom luxurious and with a claim to noble chic, then look at the Wallpaper with gold lettering, just don't overdo it, because excess always show more about the lack of taste than about his availability.
As for the size of bedroom, these should also be taken into consideration when choosing a coating for walls. If the room has high ceiling and this is causing you discomfort, decorate the walls and ceiling in one color, or choose a Wallpaper with horizontal pattern, which will help to visually make the ceiling below.
With a low ceiling in the bedroom, it is better to choose Wallpaper with a vertical pattern, it is not necessary to use a border, which visually reduce the height of the walls.
If the room there is a ledge on the walls, or niches that you wish to hide, then you can buy Wallpaper with diagonal pattern. It is visually mask the existing irregularities, and will make the room more spacious.