If you choose tears instrument of manipulation, it is necessary to consider the reaction of the men. Someone will be quite enough of the stage, with rolling eyes and wringing hands. I still have time to get into lashes, and he was already ready for everything, if only you didn't cry. Before anyone should try and frantically sobbing the whole evening, having achieved considerable difficulty and reddened nose. And someone woman crying without apparent reason in any form just starts to annoy and you risk to remain without the viewer – at the first sign of tears he'll just run away. It is therefore important to choose the right audience.
The emotionality of women allows her to really experience the imagined event. Take advantage of this for their gift. To cry especially, imagine or remember something hurtful or painful to perceive. Practice in front of a mirror, as do actress. Try the scene with wide open eyes (they will begin to tear naturally, if not to blink for some time). See how tragically your eyes fill with tears as beautiful on the lashes tears start to tremble and swell and roll down her cheek. From such a spectacle you will even feel sorry for myself. Try the more complicated version, when tears roll down from under half-closed lashes on her cheeks, but not on the tip of the nose.
Do not forget about which makeup today for you. If your cheeks are densely covered with powder, and his eyes were normal, not waterproof mascara, you, crying, at risk of becoming a real witch with smeared under her eyes and black mascara tracks from her, running down your cheeks. If tears this immediately wipe prudently stashed the handkerchief, they will not be visible and the effect of this crying – zero.
And do not overdo it, evoking unpleasant memories to cry. You can get really so sad that you will forget about his intention to cry on purpose, and the process will go into an uncontrollable stage with red, swollen eyes and nose.