You will need
  • - fertilizer for orchids;
  • - fluorescent lamp.
At home often grown hybrid Cymbidiums that do not have a specific flowering season. To healthy, well-developed plant laid the peduncle, required daylight lasts about twelve hours and the difference between the cool night and day temperatures.
To ensure temperature difference recommended various ways. You can make the Orchid outdoors after disappear the danger of spring frosts. The night temperature required for the plant is from ten to fifteen degrees, although some hybrids and species easily tolerate brief cooling to zero. Some growers keep this type of Orchid in the glazed balconies.
Move the plant outdoors is best so that the Orchid fell only in the morning and evening rays of the sun. From the bright midday lighting Cymbidium pritenyayut.
Throughout the summer, the Cymbidium will need abundant watering, although the rain flower is better to cover with plastic film to avoid water logging of the substrate. Once a week feed the plant with a fertilizer for orchids.
For additional cooling and humidifying the flower should spray the plant itself and the surface on which it stands, cool water. Very cold water for spraying is better not to apply, because the roots hypothermia slows the absorption of nutrients by the plant.
With the reduction of daylight in the fall the plant should be illuminated by a fluorescent lamp so that the daylight was more than twelve hours. Often orchids drop their buds because of the combination of high daily temperatures and short daylight hours.
The plant prepared to bloom in the fall or winter, in the conditions of short light day need night temperature in the range of ten to twelve degrees. Day orchids need a temperature of fifteen to eighteen degrees. If possible, put the flower in a room with good ventilation, this will reduce the risk of fungal diseases.
After the appearance of the stems in a pot of Orchid it is recommended to install bamboo or plastic support, to which you can tie up stems. This should be done in order to flower the arrow is not bent down under their own weight and did not hurt the flowers.