Faced with this problem in the first place should pay attention to your age. To 35 years physical exercise will be a great help in the fight against excess fat. If you are over 40, then you need a bit different approach to weight loss, that is, to pay more attention to fitness, and the correct measured power. The thing is that with age, the level of testosterone in the blood greatly reduced, and in fact it allows to lose weight when you exercise.
For some reason many losing weight people got the opinion that removing from the diet only basic harmful meals, they will be easily lose weight and afford all kinds of "light" snacks. For example, these snacks are: a handful of sunflower seeds, peanut, sweet tea and coffee, and candy. All this in a day for you to turn at least 500 calories! If you want something to snack, replace unhealthy foods for a utility, such as: carrots, celery, dried apricots and prunes.
Sitting on a diet, many allow themselves to eat meat and all dairy products, i.e. foods that are rich in fats. Unfortunately, these fats, in some cases, are the reason for weight loss. These products can and should incorporate into your diet, they just need to contain low fat. Dairy products must be free of grease, and the meat is lean.
Also interferes with weight loss stress. So before you start losing weight, you should put in order the nerves. The fact is that the body responds to stress the active production of the hormone called cortisol, which, in turn, promotes the accumulation of fat reserves, and in the worst place - in the stomach. In addition, almost every fifth to cope with stress through excessive eating.
It turns out that people often can't lose weight because you don't get enough sleep, especially for women. Before you start to tidy up your shape, get sleep and go to bed no later than 23:00. Weight loss and sleep are interrelated due to the hormone called melatonin. It not only helps us sleep but also takes part in fat metabolism.
Pay attention to the shape of the figure. If you have quite narrow hips and wide waist, it means you Apple. Women with this body type to lose weight harder than everyone else. The reason for that abdominal fat that accumulates in the abdomen, in fact it is the most difficult to burn. Despite the drawbacks, there is one very important plus: losing weight, you will be able to hold a normal weight than girls whose body type pear, that is, whose narrow waist and wide hips.
Drugs, which are hormones can also prevent to bring your weight to normal. If we talk about contraception a new generation, they are unlikely you will be able to get better, because the content of hormones is minimal. Unpredictable results can only be the case if these tablets are not assigned a doctor, and selected at random. Be careful with antidepressants. In some cases, antibiotics are preventing to get rid of excess weight.
The lack of Breakfast can also hinder weight loss. Leave this habit and include in your diet a serving of oatmeal. It can even be boiled in milk and add dried fruit.
Motivation also depends very much. In its absence it is difficult to achieve the desired result, or rather even impossible.
It is best to lose weight naturally. Many know it but are not these words seriously and begin to lose weight to involve all kinds of pills or teas. The correct receipt of these funds will not cause you any harm, but uncontrolled use of threatening failure of all metabolic processes. Before you can use the following tools for weight loss, consult a nutritionist.