• Hunger is the biggest mistake when losing weight.

Unfortunately, refusal of food leads to a slowing of metabolism. Of course, the weight will start to fall, even very strongly, but once the body gets what they ate before, it will start to stock up fat and weight start to gain double power.

  • Too much carbohydrate.

Overeating carbohydrates causes accelerated fat reserves. The liver can't process more than one hundred grams of carbs so glycogen is converted into fat. Carbohydrates in the form of porridges used in the recruitment of muscle mass, abusing buckwheat, rice and other cereals, it is possible to rapidly increase body weight.

  • Skipping Breakfast.

Breakfast must eat, let it be even a small sandwich. Ditching the first meal, there is a risk to break on the next visit the food and eat much more laid portions. Moreover, Breakfast is a source of energy for the whole day.

  • Fats need.

There are people who think that a complete rejection of fats that is correct, but no. Abuse is impossible, and in a small amount of fat is definitely needed. First, for energy, when fed only carbohydrates and proteins the body does not receive so much energy and begins to lose muscle and body tissue. Second, the fat muffles appetite and for a long time gives a sense of satiety. But the fats should be correct, and include vegetable, nuts, fish, olive oil, omega 3. For normal functioning of the body needs at least one teaspoon of oil a day.

  • The abuse of unloading days.

Fasting day is a stress on the digestion. Of course, fasting days are sometimes useful, but not more often than once a week. Frequent stress leads to a spring effect, to increase reserves of fat.

  • Insufficient fluid intake.

The liquid involved in the process of breakdown of fat, the shortage of liquid the body swells, the blood thickens. It is important to consume a half liter of water per day. Moreover, in water no calories.

  • The shortage of protein.

Most often, dieters are addicted to only fruits and vegetables, forgetting about protein foods. It is not surprising that this diet broken nails, hair falls out, skin becomes dry. By reducing the amount of protein the body loses muscle, and after the resumption of power protein foods, the body gains weight fat.