One of the finest methods of setting internal state of mind and uplift your mood is aromatherapy. For example, Jasmine or incense enlighten the mind and contribute to the fact that a person experiences positive emotions. Among psychologists has long been known that the proper mental attitude of a person helps to cope with even the most severe illnesses. Use also in your daily diet herbal teas, which contribute to raising vitality during the day, and at night, on the contrary, calm the nervous system.
It helps to adjust themselves to the healing and color therapy. Try to draw bright, vivid, fluorescent colors, including the insertion of a pleasant classical music. You'll see how after a while you will rise to the mood, which invariably will facilitate a speedy recovery. The fact that man is 90% water, which adopts and absorbs external information. What will this information depends on our emotional state. Experiencing positive emotions, people can even help to regulate your blood pressure!
Great attitude on recovery can bring nature. Try to visit more often outdoors. Remember this wonderful saying: "the Sun, air and water - our best friends"? Especially nice to bathe in the Holy springs. Despite the fact that they are often cold, you never get sick, and the mood and "combat" the spirit of these sources to raise capital.
In any unpleasant situations, always try to find pluses. Think positive thoughts. If happened something bad, then it is "bad" has something to teach. If you burn yourself once, then next time you would not want to feel it again. And it's good! To properly configure itself to recovery, do good deeds. Remember that positive emotions always attract like. This is the law of nature.