Side effects of anesthesia

Surgical intervention generally requires the use of anesthesia. Under its action the person is immersed in sleep, the inhibition of the Central nervous system. The patient feels no pain and sees what is happening on the operating table. But after a couple of hours, the person starts to Wake up, to move away from the anesthesia. And then his condition cannot be called perfect. Many patients complain that after surgery and anesthesia they became scattered, they can not formulate a thought and forget words. These side effects can have a negative impact on professional activities.

An integrated approach

Recovery in the postoperative period should be comprehensive. Need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, eat right, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. In your diet should include nuts: walnuts, almonds, cashews. You need to stimulate the brain: learn a poem, solve logic puzzles, to memorize the songs. It is important to force the brain to work intensively. For the development of memory, you can resort to memorizing phone numbers. It's a great workout and also useful information.
If it became difficult to formulate thoughts and keep the conversation going, you need more to read aloud, speak in front of a mirror. Before giving the answer to the question, should concentrate, ponder the words in my head, and then say. In any case can not be closed, closed from society. If it is difficult to remember information, you need to have a notebook there to write it.
Every body reacts differently to the anesthesia, someone there is little deviation from the norm, and anyone who does not notice any memory lapses.

Brain training

Daily exercise will not go in vain. Over time, the body will begin to work in a familiar rhythm, and brain activity stabiliziruemost. Forget about alcohol, which will not improve the situation, only aggravate it. Spend more time in the fresh air, to give up other bad habits - Smoking, drugs.
To train your memory and attention fit crosswords and puzzles. Can a few minutes a day to devote to this task.

During the day you can read books and bedtime in the head to scroll the plot, to ponder, to perform the actions of the characters. To recover from the anesthesia will help decoctions of clover and tinctures from the bark of mountain ash. Dark chocolate produces endorphins which stimulate the brain and eliminate forgetfulness. At one moment the memory does not improve, time is the best medicine.