Pigment spots may arise as a result of violation of the adrenal glands, urogenital system, diseases of the liver and biliary tract, during the long course of tuberculosis, malaria or other infectious diseases. The reason for their appearance may be a violation of the metabolism or lack of vitamin C. increased pigmentation is also possible in case of problems with the pituitary gland and after prolonged intake of certain drugs. Specialists can determine the cause of stains by their appearance and location on the body. For example, if a dark, wide line appears on his forehead, the root of evil should be sought in diseases of the brain or Central nervous system. The so-called "liver" spots vague outlines appear on the lateral surface of the cheeks and on the neck. Yellow-brown spots on the chin and around the mouth require a thorough inspection of the genital organs and the digestive system.As a result of problems with the endocrine system, diseases of the thyroid and in the case of lack of vitamins A and E in humans often appear dark spots on the elbows.Uneven pigmentation can appear after eczema, pyoderma, lichen planus or neurodermatitis.The skin on the face and front of the neck can darken the women working in the garment industry, or in printing, where the mechanisms are lubricated with engine oil. In this case, the organism poisoning with hydrocarbons and, of course, continued work in these areas is fraught with loss of health.Spots of irregular shape with clear outlines on the forehead or cheeks, called by physicians chloasma, usually peculiar to pregnant women. They appear due to hormonal changes in the body and safely disappear after childbirth. The same spots may appear in girls during establishment of the menstrual cycle or in women who suffer from inflammatory processes of genital organs.Easy dark and sensitive skin, because it responds to any aggressive impact and changes in the external environment. For example, the spots lead to sunburn or prolonged exposure to the Solarium. Persistent pigmentation may appear due to application of various creams and ointments, especially those which are mercury, sulphur or bismuth. And finally, the dark marks on the skin can appear after wearing some jewelry. This is due to the presence of noble metals, small amounts of impurities, e.g., copper. Copper is oxidized when a person sweats profusely and uses of cosmetic products, entering it into a reaction. Many women, seeing the skin spots, start hard to deal with them, using creams, peels and all sorts of folk remedies. This makes sense only in the case when you have correctly identified the cause of the darkening and treatment of diseases, which provoked these changes.