Advice 1: How to bleach skin at home

Uneven color of the skin are present in almost every woman. Someone is hiding them for toning means, and someone tries to fight by bleaching. Method is effective, and most importantly, feasible in home conditions.
How to bleach skin at home
You will need
  • lemon juice
  • - egg whites
  • - water
  • - sugar
  • - cucumbers
  • - berries
Reasons why there is a desire to whiten the skin of the face may be many, and not always just a whim of the mind of women, sometimes bleaching – a necessary measure. A bad sunburn, dark spots, uneven complexion, and freckles, which sometimes does not cause admiration and emotion for its quantity.
Attempts to whiten the skin, not to cover up the deficiencies of nature for cosmetics, commendable, as frequent use of cosmetics can lead to fast aging of the skin, clogging, flaking, and many other undesirable consequences. And moderate bleaching, especially folk remedies, not only give you smooth skin, but also make a positive impact on her.
To whiten skin in home conditions is not as difficult as it may show in the beginning, and most importantly, not as expensive as in beauty salons, where, in fact, be doing almost the same routine as at home, but only using tools with strange names and an alarming price.
The most effective in bleaching citric acid. Try to mix the lemon juice, egg white, two teaspoons of water and a teaspoon of sugar, bringing the mixture until smooth. The resulting mixture apply evenly to cleansed skin and leave on for 30 minutes, after which rinse with just warm water and moisten the skin cream. After 7 treatments with a frequency of once every two days you will see the result.
When does strawberry season, you can make a mask of strawberries or strawberries with cream. Contained in the berries acid as well whitens the skin and gives it a healthy look. Simply crush the berries and apply the pulp on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and moisturize.
To whiten skin in home conditions can cucumbers, grated grated and mixed with sour cream - 20-30 minutes once a day will quickly result. A lot of ways, the main thing to be concerned with process.

Advice 2: How to whiten underarm skin lemon

Excessive pigmentation of the armpits is a significant cosmetic flaw. This problem, unfortunately, is familiar to many girls. There are many different bleaching agents are struggling with hyperpigmenta, the most inexpensive and effective - masks and lotions on the basis of lemon. You can make them at home.
How to whiten underarm skin lemon

Skin whitening underarms is best to use products based on natural resources. These masks and lotions you can make at home.

Mask of lemon and egg yolk

A great bleaching properties of the egg-lemon mask. Need in a small container (non-metallic), mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and one egg yolk, the mixture was applied on the underarm skin for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Such a great mask lightens the skin, but has a one minute - drying, so after use it is desirable to lubricate the skin with any moisturizing cream. Noticeable whitening effect after the fifth procedure.

Mask of lemon and honey

It is necessary in the tank to mix a tablespoon of honey (any), a teaspoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and a few drops of orange essential oil. Mass applied to the underarm skin for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. This mask well whitens and nourishes the skin, making it soft.

Whitening lotion

You need one lemon, and cucumber medium size grind (mince) and place in a glass bowl (opaque) and pour 250 grams of vodka. Allow to stand for two weeks, then strain, add 100 grams of camphor alcohol and a teaspoon of honey, all carefully stir. The lotion is ready, they need daily to wipe the skin of the armpits to obtaining the desired result. It should be noted that the tool can be stored for a couple of months.

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