First, if you visit the Solarium (although this also applies to "natural" sunbathing, then you definitely don't want to sunbathe with fanaticism, immediately and permanently exposing your body to sunlight. Because in order to get a beautiful and rich tan, it is important for a long time, and the correct approach: you should start with a very small time, which is gradually increased. Thus the skin is not peeling off, not fired and not too dry, but gradually darkens and eventually becomes a beautiful and rich shade.
One of the very common mistakes in the pursuit of a dark and rich tan - a rejection of protective equipment with UV filters. In fact, it is fundamentally wrong, as protecting skin from drying and burning is extremely important. Persistent can only be a gradual tan, so you have to pay attention to protective lotions and creams with your you factor.
To highlight tanned face, you should use powders and aliterate with reflective particles. Perfect powder from the balls of different colors, from pastel beige to bronze-brown, with which you can create amazing shades and different to highlight my cheekbones.
If you want to seem more dark and ashamed of their own pale, then try not to choose dark shades of hair. Light natural hair allow you to focus on even just a little bit tanned skin.
Pastel colors in clothing also able to help the tan become more visible and explicit. White, beige, ivory - choose clothes these delicate shades, and your skin will look a lot darker. Surprisingly, a similar rule works with black color - it perfectly highlights the tan, however, the skin should already be pretty dark.
As for the lotions, that emphasize the tan helps those that contain in its composition reflective particles. Skin after their application, looks smooth, beautiful and dark-skinned.