You will need
  • Research, which has already formulated a topic that requires the identification and designation of issues; knowledge of methodological bases of theoretical or practical research.
The problem of the study – is the logical conclusion of the description of the relevance of the topic of research, where the author indicates that his theme is, or could be implemented without solving the problem. The problem always appears at the junction of old and new knowledge: when the knowledge is already obsolete, and the new has not yet appeared. Or the problem may already be solved in science, but not implemented in practice.
The correct formulation of a problem determines the strategy of research: how scientific knowledge can be implemented in practice, or how can it be generated new knowledge as a result of the study. To formulate the problem, means to separate the important from the unimportant, to find out what is already known and what is still unknown about the subject of the study.
Defining the problem research, the author answers the question: "What should be studied that has not previously been studied." The problem is an important and complex issue.To justify the problem, you must give arguments in favor of the reality of the raised problems; to find value and meaningful connection with other problems.
To assess the problem, you should identify all the conditions necessary for its solution, including methods, tools, techniques; to find among already solved problems similar solved, which will greatly narrow the scope of the study.
Build issues should narrow the field of study of the subject of the study in accordance with the needs of the research and capabilities of the researcher. If the researcher fails to show, where passes border between knowledge and ignorance, known and unknown on the subject of the study, the problem of the study is determined easily and quickly.