Often vegetables make flowers, some of which are just surprisingly good. For example, to the colors of carrots are perfect sheets of thin rings cucumber, sliced diagonally. You can also make roses out of tomatoes, radish, chamomile of lemon on the edge of the dish and a vegetable dish eaten unnoticed. For new year's table will be relevant trees of cucumber, decorated with cranberries and corn like toys.
How to put nice cuts
The meat plate also can decorate a rose of ham (just be sure to slice thinly) with petals of cucumber, but you can put smoked sausage in the form of simple colors, the middle, garnish with olives or black olives, cut in half. In addition, guests will have to taste rolls or thinly sliced sausage with cheese and herbs. Ring ham may also be laid along the edge of the cut with light waves.
How to put nice cuts
Cheese plate – any of your fantasies. Cheese – pretty plastic product, it is possible and cut flowers, and a sailboat for the boat to do. A wide plate of cheese to roll the bag, put in the middle, a strip of olives and then on the table appeared a beautiful flower Calla. For fans of card games, you can cut the designation of colors, and if you are preparing for the anniversary of the wedding – put cheese and sausage on a platter with hearts. If in the refrigerator there are several varieties of cheese, differing in color, you can cut them in zigzags, and spread around the rosettes from cheese or sausage.
How to put nice cuts
Candles I love children, so you can put fruit in the form of a palm tree (the trunk of the banana halves, crown – slices of kiwi, and the sand at the foot of the Mandarin slices). Of the rings of orange, cut in half or incised at an angle of 45%, make great wings for the butterfly. In addition, the ring of orange you can also put flower. Also for the children's table will fit caterpillar from fruit and vegetables, "pigs" eggs, although during the adult meal, they will look pretty sweet.