Is it possible to take seriously the love of teenagers

Parents should once and for all to remember that all love their children absolutely sincere - and in kindergarten when a boy falls in love with a girl, because she gave him a walking blade, and, especially in adolescence.

At the age of 14-15 years in a child's body begins hormonal changes. The girl starts to feel like a girl, the boy begins to awaken man. They begin to show interest in the opposite sex, and this is natural.

Another issue is that the choice of lover can not triple parents, but will not help here nor by prohibitions, exhortations. Furthermore, punitive measures can only cause resentment to the parents of the child, and continue the relationship, but secretly. Even if it is obvious that the chosen one is clearly not suitable for a child, you cannot push him, nor, especially, ridicule, and humiliate the other in his eyes.

How to deal with a lovesick teenager

Perfect when in family there is friendship and mutual understanding, and the child is used to share with parents all their secrets. But it is not common. But the wise and discreet parents still are more common.

First and foremost, is to give children the opportunity to meet at home. This is, firstly, a convenient excuse to get acquainted with the chosen one, and secondly, it will be possible to unobtrusively indicate to her child to the shortcomings in the upbringing of each, if any, and to offer to try to fix them jointly.

Typically, the first love is the brightest, and children are confident that they will happy in the future. It is not necessary to dissuade them of this, life itself will put everything in its place. But if children are seriously building a plan for the future, and, in the near future, it is necessary to understand them, and you can even hold a common conversation that a family is work and love to create it is not enough.

Do not listen to their appeals to the classics – Juliet was 14, but in the tradition of that time she was already considered an old maid, and ladies younger than her already had". The boy may I ask how he fleeced to support his family, where he plans to bring his young wife. The girl should explain that cooking, Laundry, cleaning – it is one of the important aspects of family life. It is unlikely, planning to unite their lives, they wondered about life. Turning to practical issues will make them think.

This should promise them all kinds of assistance in starting a family as soon as they will have the skills of independence. The lack of restrictions and parental support will soothe children, and their relationship will move to a quiet channel, and most likely, in pure childish friendship.