What material to choose?

The first thing you should pay attention when choosing a new suit, this material. It needs to be pleasant to the touch and of good quality. As a rule, the costume, bought for prom, subsequently dressed the young man more than once, so it is important that he was able to delight its owner for many years. Good material for the costume should be soft and a bit of Shine in the sun. You can pay attention to the costume of flax. This is a very practical option, as such a suit can be worn throughout the summer season. But from woolen suits to the prom should give up, because the wool is very warm and heavy material, causing the young man at prom will feel comfortable.

What color to choose for a suit?

Color is very important when choosing a dress to prom, because he can stand out among their peers. There is a perception that all men suits look very dull and similar to each other. But this is absolutely not true. Today you can pick up a large number of classic costumes that will be beneficial to distinguish its owner from the crowd. For example, it is very interesting to the prom will look fashionable dress in checkered or striped. Typically, such a suit sewn from materials dark shades, but this does not prevent him look very bright and creative. Also, many young people prefer dark blue or gray suits for prom. For teenagers who love to shock the audience and surprise everyone with its appearance, fit prom suits a Golden or dark pink.


Additional elements are also very important to create the perfect look for prom. For great expressiveness you can pick up a shirt that contrasts with the color of the suit. Do not be afraid of too bright shirts. Bright colors always look very festive and attract everyone's attention. You can also pick up the brightly-coloured tie. Fashionable colors of the tie are: aquamarine, green, Burgundy. No less trendy are considered a tie with a small pattern or large size. If a young man prefers not to wear a tie, there is nothing to worry. In this case, very appropriate to look to the unbuttoned top button of the shirt that give the image a certain looseness. In the pocket of a jacket you can put a small handkerchief in the color of the tie or shirt. It will also look very interesting.

The shoes matched the costume. To the dark suit is more suitable patent leather shoes with laces. And with a suit of light shades will look good suede soft loafers that are more modern and convenient option.