Tincture Manchurian walnut versatile and possess a wide spectrum of action. This tool will help when you are bleeding, hypertension, skin diseases, problems with nervous and digestive systems. Tincture Manchurian walnut antiseptic, analgesic, antiseptic and vasodilatory effect. Tinctures are prepared from cores of the Manchurian walnut, its shell and young leaves of this plant.

Tincture of Manchurian walnut in vodka

For the preparation of these tinctures can be used shell and Manchurian walnut or walnut whole.

You will need:
- Manchurian nuts — 40 PCs.;
- 3 tablespoons of honey;
- 1 liter of vodka.

Clean the nuts, then grind kernels in a blender with a meat grinder or in a mortar, add honey and put the resulting mass in a special capacity. The mixture pour a liter of vodka, close well and leave to infuse in a dark place for 1.5 months.

The resulting tincture should be used to strengthen the immune system and 1 tbsp 30 minutes before meals daily.

SARS, sore throat, flu and colds helps infusion Manchurian walnut, prepared in the following way. You will need:
- Manchurian nuts — 100 PCs.;
- 2 liters of vodka.

Take young Manchurian nuts, peel and chop in a meat grinder, then mix with vodka. Leave the infusion for some time, until the mixture of the nuts will settle. Then, the resulting tincture close tightly and store in a dark place for 1 month.

Take 2 tsp in the morning and evening. This tincture is an excellent antioxidant and immunostimulant. Also an antimicrobial effect of the tincture is that it effectively helps in the expulsion of parasites from the human body.

An oil infusion of the leaves of Manchurian walnut

You will need:
- 60 g of leaves and Manchurian walnut;
- 300 ml olive or sunflower oil.

Pour the young leaves of Manchurian walnut olive or sunflower oil, then the resulting liquid tightly zakuporte and put infuse for 21 days. After the specified time, the infusion shall be filtered.

An oil infusion of the leaves of Manchurian walnut is used for healing wounds. On its basis it is possible to do medical compresses.

A decoction of Manchurian walnut

You will need:
- Manchurian walnut — 5 PCs.;
- water — 1 tbsp.

Nuts peel and chop with a blender or grinder, then pour a glass of water. Put this mixture on a low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes, put infuse for about 1 hour and filter.

An excellent remedy for hypertension will be the broth, if it is applied at 1 tablespoon before each meal. The course of treatment broth is 25 days, then need a break of 45 days and repeat.