There are several variations of tincture. For example, if you have pine nuts without shell, pour 40-50 grams of them with half a liter of vodka and add one to two tablespoons of honey, which helps to soften the slight bitterness of nuts, and further increase the beneficial properties of alcohol. Leave the mixture for 3-4 weeks in a warm place which is protected from contact with the capacity to direct sunlight.
Do not forget to periodically shake the tincture about 2 times a week. After the specified time it will be ready to eat. Traditional healers are also recommended to use this drink as a means for rubbing in cases of sciatica. Don't overdo in the case of ordinary use or, if you want to cure most back, as in this case can cause serious damage of your liver. Heal, and not have a negative impact on the body!
No less tasty and useful is and tincture of cedar nuts in the shell. In this case, take 100 grams of thoroughly washed and dried after such a "bathing" of nuts, as in previous recipe, fill them half a liter of vodka. It is desirable that the alcohol not only covers the nuts, but also exceed their level by about 7 inches. Steep the liquid for a couple of weeks, occasionally shaking it.
It is recommended not only to keep the jar of moonshine and pine nuts in a dark place, but in the opaque tinted bowl. In any case, do not discard the nuts after the first infusion, as they can be used in this way for two more times, and buy a new one each time – is simply a waste of money, and they are not cheap.
The last recipe will be effective in the case of chronic pain in the legs, especially in the elderly. It is believed that rubbing tincture with pine nuts will greatly improve the state of health after one month of daily treatments. This tool is recommended in cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – 20 drops twice a day after meals for 30 days. Help tincture and the manifestation of otitis media, when it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab in a small amount of liquid and lay her ear.
It is helpful to add to the tincture and herbs, honey or other types of nuts, but again, we should not forget that the abuse of even the most delicious and aromatic alcohol may adversely affect the body.