Creation recording studios

Think about what kind of music you plan to create. There are different styles of electronic music such as house, techno, trance,
electro etc Learn as much information as possible about a particular style of music, what are the current trends in it, learn how it should correctly sound these tracks. It is enough to carefully listen to a few songs and try to decompose them into components. In addition, some musicians have their own video channels, which demonstrate the process of writing a track.

Enlist the necessary equipment. To create a quality of composition not necessarily need a big recording Studio, it will be enough and relatively powerful home computer. Optionally purchase a high-quality synthesizer and audio system that would not distort the sound and passed all its shades.

Select the right software. Beginners can be advised to purchase simple to use the program Fruity Loops Studio, which has all the necessary tools to create high-quality tracks in any style. In addition, the Internet has many sites dedicated to work with the sequencer Fruity Loops Studio.

The process of writing music

Create a basic composition of the track, using a special plugin program (e-tools). Plugins, built-in sequencer, allow to create any of the typical components of the composition in electronic style: Kiki, snare, clapi etc Using menu Add Chanels, complete the main field of the program the tools that you will use during the production of the track.

Ready sound segments that are created by plugins, called samples. They can be produced both independently and upload done by third-party musicians library of sounds from the Internet. Each of the samples is in the form of bricks on a special field in the right part of the program. You can ask them the right sequence, thus constructing the whole composition.

Add the required effects using the panel mastering. You can "hang" a few sound effects on each of the loops created in advance or on the whole track. If you don't want to think long and pick them up, you can use a special solution called Soungoodizer, which automatically sets suitable for track mastering. But in any case you should configure kompressing – important audio effect that sets the smooth sound of the whole composition. The special function of the Side Chain allows you to adjust the sharpness and volume of all individual loops. Also note the tool Reverb to add depth and tool EQUO specifying a suitable audio frequency. Configuring the appropriate parameters, and play the track from the beginning and determine how well it sounds.