The head-tyrant

Is beginning to understand - what kind of chief exactly should not be the case, and how you can try to find a common language.
Imagine - the head constantly monitors your work because of the lack of confidence in the staff does not consider them to be professional, thinking that they absolutely cannot work for the benefit of the common cause. Or during operation, problems arise whose solution requires the intervention of a boss, and he absolutely can't find the time to deal with them. Employees, in turn, authorized the adoption of such solutions. As a result, the complications only pile up, deadlines are violated, it affects the quality of work or increasing the number of marriage, there is a tension and desire to leave a job like that, where the Director capricious to such a degree and the positive trends are not observed.

The head of this type it is possible to identify just a few days of work. In case of occurrence of problems, such Director puzzling of all workers, but believes that the issue is resolved. Organizes the endless discussions about the only difficulty, as the goal of which was adoption of the only true, indisputable solutions. Trying to innovate, in no way suitable for a particular company, only making confusion in the workflow of the whole team. Increases your prestige at the expense of employees lower in rank, losing himself in the eyes of the equal and deprived of the honor of the companions.

How to work under the control of the chief-the petty tyrant

What about when the head is prone to nagging? How to put yourself right on such a venture? If you actually hope to build a career under the leadership of the chief? Maybe you will be surprised, but still - it is possible! A chance to work, fulfilling all his commands, keeping his capricious approach to the administration, and most importantly - doing their own development in the required key or gradually searching for more suitable employment.

Definitely not worth it to delay the dismissal in the case that your Director has the power alcohol, and even employees are involved in the separation of their affiliation. This band is impregnated with informal relationships formed unofficial leaders, and the rest of the staff are in their informal submission. That is, the Director has no weight in the organization, his whole authority is divided between informal authorities. This team should leave without any hesitation.