Fruit and weight

Eating fruit at night is considered to be useful because they cause a feeling of satiety, without overloading the body with unnecessary calories. However, scientists have found that glucose and fructose are not dull the sense of hunger, and distort the feeling of fullness and increase the production of insulin, which in turn leads to increased appetite. This applies to even seemingly innocuous apples and other light fruits – so, American nutritionists believe that fresh fruit juices and fruit salads have played a role in the obesity epidemic, addictive the United States.

It is not recommended to eat lots of fruit and if there are problems with the heart and blood vessels, because the triglycerides in their composition worsen the condition of the cardiovascular system.

The ideal option is to eat fruit in the morning – unsweetened Apple, peach or banana are perfect for second Breakfast at 11 or 12 o'clock. The people sitting on a diet of bananas should be avoided as they contain a very large amount of calories and starch. Apples and other unsweetened fruit is full of acids that can irritate an empty stomach, which is not the best way affects the condition of its mucosa.

It is important to know

The use of sour and sour-sweet fruit in the evening only increases the appetite, because they stimulate the active production of gastric juice, resulting in many people beginning to experience hunger and eat more food than usual. The sweet fruit is eaten at night lead to overloading the pancreas and fermentation processes in the intestine, because their fiber is very slowly progressing on it at night. The result: bloating and flatulence, so it is better to eat fruits during the day, when intestinal peristalsis is more active.

Fresh apples it is not recommended to use for people with a stomach ulcer – they are acid strongly irritate the already damaged walls of the body.

Also in fruits contain large amounts of sugar that is difficult to shred liver at a later time. Instead of burning fats the body first has to process the incoming sucrose, and only then proceed to the main work. Also nutritionists do not recommend the use of a large number of sweet fruits, as they significantly increase the risk of developing diabetes – especially if you eat them before bed instead of a full dinner.