Fresh juicy fruits are the perfect start to the day. They contain large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars the morning give courage and energy. Since fruits consist mainly of water and fiber, they are quickly digested and leave the stomach. They must be consumed 15-30 minutes before main meal to avoid gas and indigestion. Fruits should not be eaten during and after meals, as in contact with food, they begin to ferment and sour. This is the cause of bloating and flatulence. The following fruits are possible only after 2-5 hours after taking the main meal, when the stomach is empty. Fruit during the day is also useful, as of this morning, the main thing is to consume them between meals. And at night should not eat sweet fruits to limit the amount of carbohydrates, it is unnecessary at this time.

There are a number of fruits, which have a special influence on the human body in the morning. But some fruits, on the contrary, it is not recommended to eat early in the day on an empty stomach.

Bananas and avocados

Bananas and avocados are heavy food, so it is better not to drink on an empty stomach and at night. The right time for their reception – noon, when your digestive system is ready to work.

Melon and watermelon

Melon or watermelon is ideal for use in the morning. They are the exclusive fruit, as they are not compatible with other products. They should be consumed separately from any fruit and especially the basic foods and juices to avoid indigestion and upset stomach.


To normalize bowel function and prevent stagnation of food in the morning on an empty stomach is useful to eat one or two sour apples. They contain acids, and fiber that have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and normalize the microflora. Apples should not be consumed before meals because it can cause fermentation and flatulence.


This fruit is not recommended to use in the morning on an empty stomach, as it increases the acidity of the stomach and promotes the production of gastric juice, strengthening the digestion. Pineapple is also burns fat, so its consumption should be restricted to people suffering from ulcer and gastritis.


Lemon juice diluted in water taken on an empty stomach. It alkalizes the body, detoxifies, gives energy and strength in the morning. This fruit used in the preparation of main dishes and salads, and added to water to make it alkaline properties.