High temperature – what is it?

Our body is a precise mechanism that operates in compliance with normal, natural conditions for itself. When a process is broken, due to viral or infectious attacks, and other "departments" of the body immediately deployed in the affected area, and unfold the real fighting. Starts increased the process of antibody production of leukocytes.

That disease as new cells are "fighters" with viruses and other outsiders offers our immunity. The blood starts to circulate faster. And therefore increases the overall body temperature.

How it will rise depends on many factors. In particular, the readiness of the body to resist some attacks of the environment. In other words, how strong the human immune system. Also the temperature depends on the complexity type of a virus or infection.

How dangerous high temperatures

Definitely worth considering that high or even very high body temperature is not normal! Be sure to try to find out what the cause of this phenomenon. Even if no other symptoms and no more worries, does not mean that the body also everything is calm. Most likely, inside the body takes place the real fighting in the struggle for health. And who will win depends on how you respond to its temperature.

In a situation with young children everything would seem easier. If asymptomatic fever, probably teething. In extreme cases, these are signs of a developing respiratory disease. In adults it is much more difficult.

However, there are circumstances in which you should immediately consult a doctor. If the temperature rose above 39 degrees Celsius, or it is accompanied by headaches, seizures, convulsions, difficulty breathing, or any other unnatural reaction to the rising body temperature.

Maybe hover legs?

It's good that you don't leave everything to chance and want to do something to help your body cope with the progressing illness accompanied by a temperature jump. But can it soar feet if the thermometer shows above 37 degrees Celsius?

There are many opinions that in some cases soar feet is possible and even necessary. For example, if the temperature is not above 37 degrees, with a cold. This, of course, up to you, but how little there is of the popular methods to overcome the disease?

No Western doctor advises his patient to put his feet in boiling water, for example, at cold, even if you do not have a temperature. At the critical moment of the body and so bad. Keep in mind that when temperature rises, particularly affecting the liver and brain, and you also additionally heated.

Besides the benefits of hot baths for the feet clinically proven. Most importantly, remember – if you have increased body temperature, from a maximum of undress and in any case not acutivittis in a blanket with a hat on his head. Try to reduce the temperature, and when the crisis passes, use any folk remedies.