How to choose and wear a jacket to work

Jacket and today continues to be an element of enforced dress code. Office staff, employees of various administrations, teachers and people in other professions wear modest clothes in order to look formal and presentable. The jacket for such purposes should have a classic silhouette and sit tight fit.

When choosing a classic jacket pay attention to his landing. The thing that should not be wrinkled on the back and the underarms, the back gate should be well snugly to the neck, and not puff up. The selected sleeve of the jacket should be slightly shorter than the shirt cuff (max 1 cm).

Business style suggests that the right to wear a jacket, you need complete with classic trousers or knee length skirt and a white shirt. But such a strict dress code found in our company. Sometimes the employees give a certain freedom of choice.

In this case, to show your taste and style will help showy blouses and accessories. Boldly wear with a jacket translucent jackets with bold trim and shirts with decorated collars. Of accessories perfect beautiful brooches in the form of flowers and small scarves, the color line with the main tone of the jacket.

Casual style: the attention to the jacket

Modern fashion trends are different from the classical canons. Casual style jacket has long turned into a product from the category of must have. However, there are rules wear.

A classic example of a casual style is a combination of jacket and jeans. And both things can be the most various styles. In this case, wear short fitted jacket will be right and narrow, and straight, and even with jeans boyfit model. Long jacket, wide-leg cut looks best with slim fit jeans. He will also come to the jeggings and slightly flared denim pants.

To properly wear a blazer with jeans will help accessories. The most popular today is slim contrast belt. Stylists recommend not to zip up, and tie a knot. Also with the jacket is a beautiful combination of hats, loosely tied voluminous scarves, long heavy chain.

The jacket is a great addition to a wide variety of dresses. Particularly impressive look extra long and slightly fitted products. Under them is to wear light dresses made of chiffon and mini dresses of knit. A particularly extravagant ladies wear blazers in a company with a long wide t-shirts with prints. From a Shoe to such a tandem can easily wear and elegant brogues (in the color of your jacket or top), and simple shoes.

In summer the jacket can be combined with shorts. Will look great as a model of denim and cotton mini options. For a monochromatic jacket fit shorts relaxed or contrasting colors, and also products with prints. If the top is expression, it is properly worn with a neutral bottom.