Men's jacket with stand-up collar

Jacket with stand-up collar allows a man to adhere to office dress code and at the same time to diversify the classic wardrobe. This item of clothing can be combined with straight and tapered pants, jeans of different styles. Under the jacket usually wear a fitted shirt with small collar without studs, at least – a fitted t-shirt neutral colors without inscriptions.

This style of jacket absolutely does not require a tie, even in the presence of a shirt. At the same time, it goes well with narrow neckties and even butterflies. Most importantly, choose the appropriate accessory color.

Shoes this jacket should choose based on the style of a jacket, trousers and shirt. So, if this clothing goes well with jeans and a plaid shirt in a casual style, suitable high leather boots, tough shoes with laces and even leather shoes. Under a jacket with a classic shirt and tapered pants are better to wear classic shoes the right shade.

As for color, the most interesting and stylish outfit obtained in the case that the jacket will blend in with the shirt and pants, but a little different shade. So, under a dark blue jacket with collar stand to wear a blue shirt and black pants. And under the brown jacket, blue jeans, white shirt, in brown or blue plaid and dark red boots.

Women's jacket with stand-up collar

Women can come up with many interesting images with this jacket. This item of clothing, for example, will go perfectly with a classic skirt cut to the knee or pants in this case will result in a stylish but not too strict. If the jacket is buttoned up, he can not wear anything except underwear. In any other case classic look needs to be completed slim fitted blouse without a pronounced collar or shirt.

Jacket with stand-up collar go well with trousers-golife, tapered pants and the same jeans. In this case, you can also wear a thin shirt, a fitted t shirt or a plain shirt without rhinestones, and decals.

Shoes this jacket in combination with classic clothing is perfect oxfords or pumps. The image in the casual style can be completed as the same pumps and ballet flats, boots or sneakers. However, the latter must only be worn under jeans, including boyfriend jeans.