No combination in the men's wardrobe does not cause so much controversy, how much wearing the jacket with jeans. Not simply comfortable and comfortable feel, but also look appropriate you need to follow some of the laws of denim fashion.
The jacket, which fit in a pair of jeans shouldn't look formal. Strictly necessary to avoid tripovich or double-breasted jackets. Formal model of a jacket with satin trim is also not an option. Best pick up a fitted, slightly cropped jacket with one or two buttons. The fabric you choose depending on the time of year. It could be wool, tweed or cotton.
To pick dark jeans, dark jacket, blue would look better light gray or beige jacket. Do not wear a white jacket, jeans with holes, or jeans with excessive watercastle.
You can relax. It is inappropriate to wear the jacket with jeans when you tighten the tie and cufflinks on the shirt. Remove these extra accessories, unbutton a few top buttons on his shirt. Try to replace dress shoes with loafers.
Will look good if the shirt replaced with a turtleneck or t-shirt. Only here color is better to choose pastel to your outfit is not turned into kitsch. Too extravagant look is not always about good sense of style and unique personality.
In all this kit you can try to add some interesting details: necklace, bracelet, or perhaps a headdress.