Men's jacket and jeans

The combination of jeans and jacket in the men's closet has received the name of street elegance. Blue or black straight-leg jeans can replace the classic pants. To create a business image should complement a tweed jacket, gray or brown.

Bright velvet jackets can be worn with any jeans without unnecessary decoration (holes, patches, lace, etc.). To create a fashionable image of the kit recommends to complement the shirt.

Faded jeans paired with a jacket and vest recently found in the closet suitors. If you like the idea of a custom wedding, choose a cropped cotton jacket with one button vest in tone and a bright shirt. As accessories suits bow tie and hat.

Choosing the color of the jacket, focus on the time of year and the color of the jeans. For example, for summer a great option is a set of bright jeans and camel, mustard, beige or light grey jacket. Down you can wear a cotton t-shirt or light shirt. In the cold season look good with black jeans, worn under a dark blue, dark green, purple or dark gray jacket. To stay warm, under a jacket you can wear a turtleneck or a thin cardigan.

Women's jacket and jeans

In the women's wardrobe with a jacket it is best to look narrow or classic straight-leg jeans. Slender girls can choose a jacket of any cut. In order to hide the fullness of the hips and emphasize the waist, you should give preference to elongated models.

Black jacket with one button suitable for jeans of any color. It is possible to make a day way to work in the office, adding a set of light blouse and black pumps. And you can even visit the theatre. The jacket in this case should be made of velvet, silk or corduroy. As accessory fits fine chain and a clutch.

To create a romantic image, you should choose lighter shades of jeans and jackets. For example, blue + mint or white + pastel yellow. Under the jacket you can wear as tight-fitting and loose top chiffon or cotton. And shoes choose beige shoes or bright sandals, complemented by a handbag to match.

Bright juicy outwear – perfect for summer. They raise the spirits and distinguish the girl from the crowd. For convenience, the sleeves can be rolled up. The quality of the Shoe is appropriate bright ballet flats, loafers or sandals. For the cold season suit jackets in dark colors, worn with dark blue or black jeans. Feet should wear boots with heels or high boots.