To the girl should be treated with respect. Don't jump to declarations of love. It from you will not run away. Remember, woman always hears what she wants to hear. On parting you will be surprised to know that you have so much promise, but did not. And if you do inadvertently promise, you should know in advance – will not descend.
Never mention in front of her about their Hobbies and don't draw any analogy or to make a comparative assessment. Such things have a wonderful sex memory is just amazing. Don't be surprised if in seventy years of age, the spouse will remember you under the hot hand any Goldilocks that you kissed in the stairwell in the seventh grade. It is possible that you will not be able to remember, but a woman such things to forget are simply not able.
If she somehow found out about your previous encounters, she will have about them to ask – either straight or in a roundabout way. No need to speak badly of them, even if at the end you hit each other dishes. The best option – respond positively about them, stipulating that did not see the girl that "spark of God", which saw in it not similar to anyone. It won't be a lie, because every person is unique and unique.
"Life is not as simple as it seems. It is much easier" – once said by Socrates. This certainly applies to relationships. Do not try to seem better than you really are. You have a lot of positive qualities, try to shade them more profitable, believe me, this is the best option.
There is a belief that every person has on Earth is his perfect half. And the chance to meet this half is for everyone. Accordingly, each girl is theoretically possible to find this ideal. Follow the advice of one of the heroes of Jack London: "In principle, women created us to destruction. But one day you will meet that one, the real one. Grab it with two hands and never let go!"