Stomatitis can be divided into two types - catarrhal and ulcerative. The most common form is catarrhal stomatitis. It does not cause deep defects of the mucosa. Ulcerative stomatitis accompanied by swelling and bleeding gums of the animal, as well as the formation of deep ulcers. You should know that in severe cases, the disease can lead to loss of teeth and necrosis of the jaw bones.
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The symptoms of stomatitis include: redness of the gums, fever, thirst, bad breath and excessive salivation. The cat refuses food and starts to lose weight and weaken.
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Among the main causes of the disease is isolated injury of the gums sharp bones or other items. Other causes can be too hot or frozen food, change of teeth, accidentally getting into the mouth of the animal chemically active substances or drugs outside of the action - as you know, the cat carefully licked its fur.Also thrush can be a symptom of another more severe diseases like leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus or renal failure. If you experience symptoms of this disease are strongly recommended to visit the veterinarian to pass all the necessary tests. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate animal treatment.
The main principles in the approach to the treatment of stomatitis in cats are suppression of inflammation and careful daily hygiene of the oral cavity.One of the most reliable and effective drugs for the treatment of stomatitis is Traumeel. This medicinal homeopathic remedy, produced in the form of tablets, solution for injection, ointments and drops for oral administration. The drug is recommended to take the course, the duration of which can range from 1 to 3 months, depending on the severity of the disease. Generally, treatment is initiated with intramuscular injection, and then move to the drops for internal reception are added to the drinking water of the animal.
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Regularly antibiotic treatment of the mouth cats antiseptics. Suitable chlorhexidine solution, iodine solution, Iodinol.Several times a day needed to irrigate the oral cavity with the decoction of the leaves of raspberry, mint, sage or chamomile flowers. Good heals deep ulcers a decoction of oak bark.For lubrication of ulcers suitable drugs such as a 1% solution dioksidina, iodine-glycerin, fosprenil or sea buckthorn oil.In severe cases an antibiotic is prescribed. However, be aware that they should appoint only a professional veterinarian.
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Be careful that the cats always have fresh drinking water. Do not feed your pet hard food, try to feed puree at room temperature. Enter in the diet fitominy for teeth and bones. Make sure that the cat gets enough vitamins.