Observe your own reaction, if you want to know yourself better. Alert to how you influence those or other events, why are you upset that can make you happy, what kind of work you perform and what work you absolutely no joy. Consider next the kind of people you feel most comfortable with and why. A study of the causes of your own emotions will help you to understand what your character is and what your tendencies.
Complete various personality tests. There are several questionnaires that allow you to know yourself better. Take advantage of this opportunity. It can be done, for example, via the Internet. Check what type of temperament prevails in you, whether romantic or pragmatic beginning, what is your self esteem that you value in people, what do you think about money, what a quality lead in your character. Certainly, undergo a variety of tests will be interesting and exciting for you.
Try to be yourself. Don't need to be some other person. If you are in favor of others who are building something, your personality is gradually erased. Let your personality manifest itself in your thoughts, words, and actions. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to learn more about yourself.
Learn this method of self-knowledge, as is meditation. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet and peaceful environment, close your eyes, try to drown out extraneous thoughts and immerse your gaze inward. Watch what the reign of feelings and desires in your soul, what doubts and fears gnaw at you. Meditation helps not only to know yourself better and find inner harmony.
Start a personal journal. Write down events that I consider significant for one reason or another. Capture your feelings, your mood. Record every day and watch what you highlight in your life, on what focuses your attention. Thanks diary, you will be able to understand their own feelings and to know myself.
Ask your close friends and relatives what they think about you, what kind of person think. If you doubt that put this way the question they answer quite openly, ask what, in their opinion, your personal qualities are your strengths and which are weak. At least on the first part of the question you will surely get qualitative feedback.