You will need
  • - 300-350 grams of yarn;
  • hook №2-3,5.
Measure the circumference the girl's breast, the length of back to waist and length of skirt. These three measurements will be enough.
Link the sample to determine the density of knitting. Divide the number of loops in the sample on the resulting number of inches. Thus, you will learn the number of loops in one centimeter. Multiply the circumference of the chest is the resulting value, as many of the stitches should be in the chain to start crocheting. For example, a bust girl 63 cm, and the density of knitting: two loops in one, see Therefore, you need to tie a chain of air loops 126. Not to try on the item (the kids really don't like to measure), you can make a pattern out of paper, which then will attach the knitted fabric.
The thinner yarn from which you intend to knit sundress, the thinner should be the hook. Typically, the yarn manufacturers indicate on the label the recommended number hook.
So, dial 126 of the stitches and close them in a circle. Knit round the pattern under the scheme to the desired value.
To tie the skirt and on the bodice edge are dial loops and knit fantasy pattern, than GURNEE will be the pattern, the better you get a sundress.
Dial back the number of stitches for the desired width of the straps. The wider the straps, the more loops you need to dial. Knit them a little more than the required length, so you can adjust their length and not have to add length sundress, when the child grows up, suffice it to alter the button.
Straps can be made of satin ribbons in tone sundress. Sew the two cut strips at the front and back. This sundress is comfortable to wear, tying ribbons on the shoulders. Around the waist you can also insert a satin ribbon and tie a cute bow.
The finished product will moisturize, spread on a smooth, flat surface such as a table or the washing machine and allow to dry. Ironing it is not necessary.
Decorate sleeveless bright colors associated with the hook. Complete it with a hat or a hat with the same decoration. Get a cute set, and the girl will not go unnoticed.