You will need
  • Cotton yarn: 200 gr. white colour, 30 gr. yarn of red and purple flowers, buttons, knitting needles.
Crochet sundress used knit garter, pattern, Flowers, front surface, fantasy pattern, elastic band.
Ass sundress: On needles dial 98 loops thread in white. Associate 12 rows of the fancy pattern. Next tie 6 rows front stitch thus: 2 rows of purple thread, 2 rows of white thread, 2 rows red. In the first row of the front surface make the uniform subtraction of 8 loops. On the spokes was 90 loops.

Continue to knit the thread of the base color. On each side do the subtraction in each 4 row by 1 loop. And so 14 times. On the spokes 62 left loop.

At the height of 35-37 cm waterproof zipper: close medium 4 loop and continue to knit the 2 sides separately. On the same level, close to the armholes in every second row 2 times 3 hinges and 2 × 2 loops.

At the height of 50 cm close to 8 loops on each side for shoulder. Then remove the manhole for 11 loops on both sides for extra needle.
Before sundress: Dial the spokes 98 loops. Associate the first 18 rows the same as the first 18 rows of the back part (12 rows of the fancy pattern and 6 rows front surface). 13 row do the decrease 8 of the loops and back of the dress.

Continue crochet thread in white, making the subtraction, similar to the back of the dress.

10 rows red stripe tie more colors. Flowers should be placed in the center front of the dress.

Continue crochet thread in white.

At the height of 35-37 cm, make armhole. To do this, close first 4 loops, then 3 loops, 2 and 1.

At a height of 45 cm make a neckline close in the middle of part 8 of the hinges. Then both sides 4 of the loop, and 2 × 2 loops.

At the height of 50 cm close to 8 loops for the shoulder.
Building products: Perform shoulder seams of dress. On the edge of the neck loop type 62 (40 + 22 with supporting spokes). Tie 2 rows of garter viscous. Close the loop.

The edges of the arm openings tie four rows "elastic". Make the holes for the buttons on the strap, sewn them. Sew buttons.