Scant intermenstrual bleeding (called spotting) bleeding or spotting are the most frequent side effect of oral contraceptives. They often appear in the period of adaptation to birth control pills. Approximately 30-40% of women, these phenomena disappear in the first 3 months, 5-10% of patients during the adaptation period can last up to six months. Approximately 5% of women have spotting appears after the period of habituation to the contraceptive.
Menstrual cycle women is a complex hormonal successive reorganizations, accompanied by significant fluctuations in the level of hormones in the blood. In the beginning of the cycle produces more estrogen to endometrial growth. The largest amount of this hormone is celebrated on the days of ovulation. If fertilization has not occurred, its level is gradually reduced, simultaneously increasing progesterone levels, which cause rejection of the endometrium - menstruation. Thus, the female body in different phases of the cycle allocates a different amount of hormones.
Modern oral contraceptives contain very low doses of hormones, which may not be enough to "override" the natural level. It takes some time to get the body privyknut to them and is not rejected endometrium early. If while taking oral contraceptives spotting minor, no further action is needed. Their presence in the first 3 months does not require replacement or withdrawal of the drug.
However, if blood discharge becomes more abundant and are accompanied by pain in the abdomen, you must seek medical help. These symptoms indicate breakthrough bleeding. It is due to the fact that the adaptation of the uterus to a new hormonal background occur the accelerated atrophy of the endometrium under the influence of the active progestogen. Estrogens in the drug is insufficient to perform a hemostatic function.
Often breakthrough bleeding develops as a result of violation regimens, vomiting, diarrhea, ingestion of drugs affecting the Central nervous system, antibiotics. In this case, it is recommended to double the daily dose of the contraceptive and take 1 tablet morning and night until, until the bleeding stops. You must then return to the normal taking 1 tablet a day. Since the General cycle of the reception facilities should not be shorter than 21 days, you should buy 1 more package to to take extra pills. It is impossible to stop taking the contraceptive in the middle of packing because this will only increase the bleeding.