Advice 1: How to restore the body after postinora

Postinor includes medications emergency contraception. It is used in two stages, immediately after intercourse, and within 72 hours after it. Means accept on the testimony of the gynecologist, it has contraindications. If Postinor to accept no scheme or more than two times a month, and might result in disorders in the hormonal system that requires treatment and recovery of the body.
How to restore the body after postinora
Consult your gynecologist for advice. You will be assigned a set of tests, conduct an external inspection on the gynecological chair, inquire the information about your intimate life, age, which began with the first menstruation, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, etc as much detail as necessary to answer questions of a specialist.
The expert will draw conclusions about your health based on the results of the tests. It can diagnose the failure in the hormonal system, appoint a special drugs that regulate reproductive function. If you have bleeding between ovulatory cycles, the specialist will prescribe treatment with antibiotics, possibly in a hospital.
Tell the gynecologist that menstruation does not occur or happens very irregularly. In this case, the specialist will prescribe the examination to determine pregnancy. If confirmed its presence, you have to go to the hospital. Of importance here are the time that has passed since afterlate taking the pill and the number of drugs. In a single application the risk to the child is minimal.
You will prescribe a course of hormonal contraceptives, which are aimed at restoring the reproductive system. Regimen is selected in accordance with the instructions only after consultation with your doctor. The pills should be taken regularly to visit the gynecologist once a month and buy a vitamin complexes.
Visit the endocrinologist who will prescribe the direction of the thyroid hormones. These tests are conducted in a special laboratory, they can be returned free of charge, and charge. The results of treatment.
Can plan pregnancy after 6 months after use of the afterday pill. The earlier conception entails a risk of complications, may cause cancer or other irreversible changes.
You can diagnose inflammation in the pelvic organs. It also provoked the improper administration of the drug. In this case, can be assigned to additional research and expert advice.
The doctor will prescribe suppositories or tablets local application for restoration of microflora of the vagina and vitamin complexes, in addition, you will advise at the time of treatment to limit the consumption of alcohol, fatty and spicy foods, etc.
Do not take this medicine if you had liver disease you did not give birth or breastfeeding. Specialists will be able to choose an individual a contraceptive that will protect against unintended pregnancy.

Advice 2 : How to recover from Postinora

"Postinor" some women mistakenly perceived as a natural means of contraception. However, to take this drug only after unprotected intercourse. Consisting of two tablets contains a huge dose of progesterone, and 12 hours, the body receives a dose of the hormone more than a month of daily oral contraceptives of last generation.
How to recover from Postinora
In a statement to "Postinora" given strict recommendation for re-appointment preparation is desirable only after a medical examination, and not earlier than 6 months after the previous use. After all, the impact on the hormonal system of the female body by the force is comparable with a severe concussion.
Postinor can be taken only as a means do emergency contraception in situations where the pregnancy is unacceptable – for example, if you rape women or do a random sexual contact in the period of ovulation in the monthly menstrual cycle. This drug can be used only in women with established cycle, in the absence of serious pathology of the liver, malignant neoplasms, diseases of blood vessels (thrombosis).
To exclude the negative influence of "Postinor" after taking the drug before the expected time of the onset of the next menstrual period it is advisable to visit a gynecologist for evaluation of possible side effects, and in the absence of bleeding in a period of a doctor's consultation is mandatory – the only way to find out, or if pregnancy or taking the drug led to a severe disorder of the menstrual cycle.
Until the next menstrual period need to find out from the doctor whether to take medications to improve blood clotting and strengthening uterine contractions, which ones and in what dosages. This is especially required for women who have monthly bleeding, and so is big enough or has previously been hormonal disturbances requiring hormonal correction.
Do not want to use "Postinor" childless women, even after a single dose of the drug there is a risk of irreversible hormonal disorders (although very minor, according to statistics of infertility comes only one woman out of 1000).
With regular sexual intercourse, it is preferable to choose the advice of a physician most appropriate method of contraception – condoms, oral contraceptive pills, IUDs, long-acting preparations, and not hope that taking "Postinor" will not have a negative impact on a woman's body.

Advice 3 : Side effects when taking Postinor

Postinor is a drug emergency contraception and helps to prevent unwanted conception after unprotected intercourse. This drug should not be used as regular means of contraception, because a high content of synthetic hormone levonorgestrel may have adverse side effects.
Side effects when taking Postinor
Postinor is an emergency remedy for an unplanned pregnancy, so taking it in advance after reading the instruction manual. It is not recommended to use this tool repeatedly within the same menstrual cycle. Following the rules of application, you will be able to avoid adverse side effects on the hormonal background of female organism.

Side effects when taking Postinor can be classified according to different criteria. Also, severity of side effects may increase due to an overdose with this medicine.

Allergic reactions occurring in patients receiving Postinor

Possible allergic reactions include manifestation of skin diseases like itching, urticaria, rash, and swelling of the face. These side effects are likely to be due to the fact that Postinor has some stimulating effect development of male sex hormones androgens in the body women, androgens stimulate production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. However, when used correctly Postinora, allergic reactions unlikely.

Spotting while taking Postinor

As a rule, acyclic bleeding can occur at 5-6 days after admission Postinora. The duration of these selections can be from 3 to 5 days. When you see these allocations do not worry, as this effect of the drug according to instructions.

Other side effects when taking Postinor

The drug often causes such side effects as fatigue, nausea and abdominal pain.

To the more infrequent effects include:
- dizziness;
- diarrhea;
- vomiting;
- breast tenderness;
- small discharge from the breast;
- a headache.

Also, after taking Postinor can occur in a hormonal imbalance, due to which there is a delay of menstruation not more than 5-7 days. However, if there is a delay for a longer period, you must consult a gynecologist to exclude pregnancy.

Uncontrolled intake Postinora very dangerous and there is a high risk of more complex side effects such as:
- blood clots in the blood vessels;
- metabolic disorders;
- appearance of body hair in male pattern;
- ectopic pregnancy;
- infertility etc.
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