Consult your gynecologist for advice. You will be assigned a set of tests, conduct an external inspection on the gynecological chair, inquire the information about your intimate life, age, which began with the first menstruation, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, etc as much detail as necessary to answer questions of a specialist.
The expert will draw conclusions about your health based on the results of the tests. It can diagnose the failure in the hormonal system, appoint a special drugs that regulate reproductive function. If you have bleeding between ovulatory cycles, the specialist will prescribe treatment with antibiotics, possibly in a hospital.
Tell the gynecologist that menstruation does not occur or happens very irregularly. In this case, the specialist will prescribe the examination to determine pregnancy. If confirmed its presence, you have to go to the hospital. Of importance here are the time that has passed since afterlate taking the pill and the number of drugs. In a single application the risk to the child is minimal.
You will prescribe a course of hormonal contraceptives, which are aimed at restoring the reproductive system. Regimen is selected in accordance with the instructions only after consultation with your doctor. The pills should be taken regularly to visit the gynecologist once a month and buy a vitamin complexes.
Visit the endocrinologist who will prescribe the direction of the thyroid hormones. These tests are conducted in a special laboratory, they can be returned free of charge, and charge. The results of treatment.
Can plan pregnancy after 6 months after use of the afterday pill. The earlier conception entails a risk of complications, may cause cancer or other irreversible changes.
You can diagnose inflammation in the pelvic organs. It also provoked the improper administration of the drug. In this case, can be assigned to additional research and expert advice.
The doctor will prescribe suppositories or tablets local application for restoration of microflora of the vagina and vitamin complexes, in addition, you will advise at the time of treatment to limit the consumption of alcohol, fatty and spicy foods, etc.
Do not take this medicine if you had liver disease you did not give birth or breastfeeding. Specialists will be able to choose an individual a contraceptive that will protect against unintended pregnancy.