Not only premature babies lose weight. Sometimes slow weight gain in infants is associated not with health, but with wrong feeding.

What to pay attention in the first place

Newborns feed on demand, not on schedule. Only six months it is possible to talk about any mode. Otherwise, lactation may decrease and the child will begin to gleaning weight.

If the kid was born weak, the ability to suck at it reduced. The mother must ensure that he is not just sleeping with the nipple in his mouth, as it sucked the chest. Otherwise he will be constantly malnourished.

In addition, premature babies feed for longer than is healthy. Premature crumbs need more time to get to the high-calorie hind milk.

Also worth checking out, whether correctly the child takes Breasts. Some moms can't understand why the child is crying and clinging to his chest. And only by learning it properly applied, can solve the problem of feeding.

Indicator of fullness of the baby are frequent urination. If the baby pees 10-15 times a day, then everything is fine. In addition, you need to pay attention to the color of your urine – if it is transparent and odourless, it means that the baby is healthy. But if a urination decreased, and the urine itself was a dark color and pungent odor, you should consult a doctor.

How to help your child gain weight

If a shortage of body weight is associated with any disease, you need to follow all the doctor's recommendations. But if the child is healthy, but still in arrears of weight, mom needs to seriously address his regime.

First, up to 6 months not to give the baby nothing but breast. Supplemental foods from a bottle can cause baby just forget how to breastfeed. For this reason, you should not give him a pacifier. If you want to depoit baby breast milk, you need to do this using a teaspoon.

Second, to help the child to gain weight after six months, you need to wait with the maintenance of his diet of solid food. It is lower in calories than breast milk less digestible, and the child's body.

In addition, to establish weight gain in infants, the mother should as often as possible in contact with it. It means to sleep with your child, carry him on hands day regularly to do baby massage, sing him lullabies, talking to him. According to experts, all these activities contribute to the improvement of lactation and help to establish feeding.

But the most attention should be paid to the feeding. It means to take away the child's chest, yet he won't let her. Not to change the breast too often – this prevents the baby to get to the fatty hind milk. You also need to offer baby the second breast, and if he refuses, then really full.