What is flea market?

In itself, the concept of "flea market" came from France. In Europe flea markets have been around for many years, but the principle of collecting Antiques practiced for centuries. In the city Saint Petersburg which is considered to be the "most European city" in our country, there are markets where you can buy or sell Antiques. Also, flea markets are often the place for socializing, there's even formed a kind of clubs on interests.

Flea markets of Saint-Petersburg

One of the main flea markets of Saint-Petersburg of those that are located in the South of the city, is fair, "Juno." Here you can buy retro clothes, cheap electronics, car parts, clothing, musical instruments, tableware, photo equipment and more. Here we can sell "gray" cell phones and so on.

On the "Juno" item laid out on boxes, wooden pallets, located directly on the ground. There are also open stalls and pavilions. It often happens that not all the products put on the shelves about a particular product it is better to ask sellers.

Another interesting place where you can buy vintage clothing is "Pioneer". Local flea market fenced off from traffic by a concrete fence. Basically, it sells clothes, particularly lively on the pioneer on weekends. In order to pick up the necessary thing, you'll have plenty to dig.

The largest flea market of Saint-Petersburg "Specific"

The largest and most famous flea market of Saint-Petersburg is a market for the "Specific". Directly spread out on the ground fabrics and the Newspapers here are put cameras, shoes, bags, badges, jewelry, clothing, porcelain, various crockery, books and magazines. Why not just find for the "Specific"! The range is huge, prices more than reasonable. Many sellers are taking orders.
In addition to trade "off the ground", there are containers, and metal shelves. The most respectable are, of course, containers and shelves. Basically here sell Antiques, jewelry, food products, cosmetics, etc. surprisingly, but the most popular are products with expired shelf life (cosmetics and food).

Depending on the time of day, day of week and season the number of people in the flea markets of Saint-Petersburg can be different. Equally busy is only in closed pavilions on the way to "Specific", which sells a variety of second-hand clothing, goods from Finland and other. All the flea markets of Saint-Petersburg, working mostly on weekends from 9 to 16 hours.