What is conjunctivitis

Such trouble as conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye as a result of falling into it bacteria, fungus, or due to virus infections or allergic reactions. This not only causes discomfort and pain but also spoils the appearance, causing intense redness and sometimes swelling. In people, conjunctivitis is sometimes called "rabbit eyes."

Both children and adults affected by this disease. Enough on the street to RUB your eyes with dirty hands, to use someone else's linens or work with a computer mouse another person, and you are a victim of bacterial conjunctivitis. One can fall ill, just not observing basic hygienic norms and rules.

Noted that in children conjunctivitis is easier and faster. However, they suffer from this disease more often. Especially bacterial form of conjunctivitis, is directly dependent on hygiene. But there are other malicious background of the disease. For example, viral conjunctivitis can occur simultaneously with a cold and completely disappear as you recover baby.

Fresh air is a harm or benefit?

Conjunctivitis - a contagious disease (except allergic). Mainly it is transmitted by infection in the eyes, but sometimes airborne droplets. That's why a walk in the fresh air in the presence of conjunctivitis should refuse.

In addition, conjunctivitis, as the inflammatory process causes pain in the eyes, burning and dryness, strong discomfort and feeling of insecurity of the organs of vision. Therefore, in this period, especially in the acute stage of conjuntivitis, it is better to refrain from external irritants such as sunlight and the flow of fresh air, which can carry the infection. Extra strain on the eyes to anything.

If the disease is caused by an Allergy or chemical poisoning (for example, after a long stay in a smoky room, a walk in the fresh air possible. But not if it causes additional eye strain and does not threaten your safety (you see well and navigate in space). And if the Allergy source will not be within reach.

Another reason to refrain from walking in the presence of conjunctivitis – changes in appearance. When a person has something with eyes, they are red and inflamed, he immediately loses points. And if tears flow, and I want to scratch the eyelids. Therefore, to test the communicative discomfort, you should refrain from walking in principle - especially in public places.

How to avoid conjunctivitis

The basis of prevention of pink eye and personal hygiene. Wash your hands often, don't use other people's towels and other personal belongings, do not RUB eyes with dirty hands. If you are prone to allergies, try to identify your stimulus and avoid it.

Do not deal with infected people, and if impossible – use preventive drops, consult your physician. At the time of discard of use items General use.

Most importantly, if you notice the first symptoms of incipient conjunctivitis – immediately contact your doctor and begin timely treatment. Remember that advanced stage of the disease may become chronic.