Viral conjunctivitis can be caused by different pathogens: enterovirus, adenovirus, herpes virus and viruses of various infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, etc.). In this regard, the treatment of different types of viral conjunctivitis will differ.
Herpetic conjunctivitis is easy to recognize the characteristic bubbles around the eyes and on the eyelids. This disease is treated with acyclovir. The drug can be used both topically and inside. The combination of these methods gives the best result.
If the conjunctivitis is caused by adenovirus, there is a risk that it will catch someone close. It is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact, so the outbreak of this disease are often found in educational institutions. Adenoviral conjunctivitis often occurs with fever and increasing of submandibular lymph nodes. To treat this eye disease used drugs based on interferon (for example, "Ophthalmoferon"), "Poludan", florenalevaya and turbopanda ointment. Local funds are budgeted for lower eyelid several times a day.
Control of viral conjunctivitis often tighten up to three weeks. In order to speed up the recovery, it is important to observe the hygiene requirements: wash hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes and face; is reusable handkerchiefs is better to use disposable; if rinsing using sterile cotton wool. Swimming pools and open water is prohibited until complete recovery.
To maintain the body, doctors often prescribe vitamins, they are boosting the immune system and accelerate recovery.
For help with any form of viral conjunctivitis, you can do warm compresses and eye drops artificial tears. Washing eyes with decoction of chamomile or pale pink solution of potassium permanganate helps prevent the accession of a bacterial infection. It is important to treat each individual eye with a sterile piece of cotton wool, otherwise the infection will spread in a matter of days.