What do the numbers in the coordinates

On Yandex Maps geographical coordinates are recognized, in degrees, presented as decimal fractions. In the world there are also multiple formats of coordinates, e.g., degrees, minutes and seconds.

Coordinates — a pair of numbers that identifies location of object on the map.

The first digit in the format adopted by Yandex Maps is latitude, or the angle between the local direction of the Zenith (the direction pointing directly upwards above a specific place) and the plane of the equator. North latitude is indicated by the letter N, South with the letter S.

The second number is the longitude, or the angle between the plane of the Meridian (line of section of the earth's surface by a plane that passes through the given point and the axis of rotation of the Earth) and the plane of the initial zero (Greenwich) Meridian. Longitude from 0° to 180° East of the Prime Meridian are called East (E), West — West (W).

Coordinate input on Yandex Maps

Open a browser and in the address bar type maps.yandex.ru or open the application Yandex Maps on a smartphone or tablet. In the search bar enter coordinates, for example: 55.751710,37.617019 — then click "search". In the application to call the search string, you must first click on the magnifying glass icon (usually located at the bottom of the screen). Please note, the format of the coordinates should be: first latitude, then longitude; the integer part of the coordinate is separated from the fractional part of a period; the numbers do not contain spaces; the latitude and longitude separated with a comma between.

After clicking the "Find" button the marker moves to the point which describe the coordinates — it is now possible to build a route.

The left of the map will display the address corresponding to the position, as well as their alternative representation with degrees, minutes and seconds. In our case it will look like this:
Latitude: 55°45'6.16"N (55.75171)
Longitude: 37°37'1.27"E (37.617019)

If you enter the coordinates in the wrong order — for example, first the longitude and then the latitude (some navigators and other electronic map services work with data in that order) — Yandex Maps, you can quickly change the order of the numbers. To do this, click on the link "Swap" under the full description of the coordinate, and the marker moves to the correct point.