It should be noted that the administration of social network "Vkontakte" is highly undesirable to treat the blocking of foreign accounts. This is primarily due to the fact that the statistics of the website in such cases will fall, and as you know, Facebook likes to show people that they are popular. So it turns out that to block unwanted account, you will need a significant argument, that is a serious violation of the rules of the social network. If not, then to block the account are unlikely to succeed, although there are a few ways that help to implement his plan.

Violation of the rules of the site

As mentioned above, the administration is no problem to block users who violate the rules of the social network. Of course, these rules reads not everyone and even more people regularly violate them. The result is that the user wants to block another account can write to the administration of the social network "Vkontakte" a complaint. After it will be reviewed and if the administration is satisfied that the user broke the rules, it will immediately block.

Incorrect and inaccurate data

To block someone else's page "Vkontakte" it is possible, if the user specifies wrong or inaccurate data. That is, the user is required to find this information on the website of the detractors. For example, if the avatar is not a photo of the account owner, or if it is incorrect (false) information about yourself (name, etc.), then you can easily report a violation of the site rules and to demand the blocking of the account.


Copy-paste (the copied text) can also be the reason for the account blocking. This requires to find the website from which you copied the text and write the owner of the resource that his information was published in a social network "Vkontakte" a specific person (you need to specify the address of the page where is stored the text and address of the owner of the page). It should also send a complaint to the management. As a result of check account detractors is likely to block.

Illegal placement of materials

Illegal video or audio recordings are also a reason to block someone else's page. As you know, copyright is impossible to violate, and the use of pirated audio and video just break the law. The user simply write to admin that page to post unlicensed content that violates law.

Do not forget that in support of "Vkontakte" are working people. In the case of defamation or insults you, you can also ask to delete your account detractors. Most likely, the property will go into your position and listen to the request.