How to make a garland for wedding

Usually at the wedding used multi-colored garland round shape. They can be made with your own hands. To start, take a thick cardboard and make a stencil for future figures. It is advisable to make several stencils. Then gently put them on paper or cardboard and draw around it with a pencil.

As the basis for garlands, use fairly thick paper. If it is thin, staple staple a few sheets to cut out the figures was easy. After that, take scissors and cut made of the workpiece. Then arrange them by color and size.

Ready paper mugs carefully strung on thread with a needle. It is advisable to glue them to the threads that garland kept the form. For the next step you'll need satin ribbon. Cut it into equal length ribbons. These ribbons tie cute little bows. In fact, if desired, from ribbons, you can create some other decoration instead of bows. Use your imagination. But in any case, the size of the decorations should match the size of elements garlands.

In the next step, you can go to the Assembly of workpieces. If you have three-dimensional elements, consisting of several parts, they must be put together. Then, for each trained stick figure flowers, rhinestones, bows and other decorations. String them on needle and thread. Be sure to observe the symmetry, because the elements of the garland should be exactly the same. As for very small workpieces, they can even stay undecorated.

How to make a garland

If all the blanks garland perfected, you can start to collect it. First decide how you would like to combine elements. There are three possible – by type, color and size.

So, if almost all the elements of the garland of a double, you should secure them with glue, thread or Desk. Otherwise, they just would not stick. Volume figures should be fastened with staples or sewn together. As for the flat garlands, for their further Assembly, you will need a sewing machine. It turns out that the build process depends on the selected design of wedding garlands. The finished garlands for wedding decompose on a horizontal surface to maintain their spectacular appearance.